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For 2018 we will again have our host hotels, the Doubletree at Campbell Centre, 8250 North Central Expressway. The festival has negotiated an exceptional rate of $116 per night with one of the finest hotels in the north Dallas corridor. This rate will be available until February 9th or until the block is sold out.

In order to get this rate the festival must guarantee a minimum number of rooms, and if that number is not met then significant financial penalties may be imposed. That room block runs from Thursday night through Sunday night. We have reviewed prior year's bookings with the Doubletree and noticed two things that concern both us and the hotel management.

Firstly, a number of people are booking just the Saturday night. While we recognize that Saturday is party night and people want to stay rather than drive home (and we admire you for that), that one night only booking effectively blocks the people who wish to stay the entire weekend. With too many Saturday only reservations, the full weekend people find themselves with a Friday and Sunday availability not too enticing. This causes the festival to be unable to meet the minimum room guarantee in our contract, which could cause future year's room rates to have to be raised.

Additionally a number of people have made reservations for friends or relatives in caseĀ they may be able to make the trip to Dallas. Later, sometimes just days or hours before the festival, the reservation is cancelled, leaving us with upset guests at the overflow hotel and empty rooms at the Doubletree. Please, call your friends and relatives, explain that they need to make the decision on whether to make the trip or not and book the room accordingly. To avoid the heavy penalties that the NTIF would have to pay for unused rooms, the hotel will request that you prepay for the rooms on January 1st.

Due to these issues we need to institute a new two-night minimum reservation requirement at the Doubletree. It can be Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday, but it must be two nights. Also, please do not hold rooms that you may not use. Other attendees need these rooms, and remember that the festival may be financially penalized for last-minute room cancellations or unused rooms.

If we get an excessive number of last minute cancellations we may be forced to implement a non-cancellation policy, and that would impact those people who have a genuine need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. That would be a last resort, as we don't want to turn into the hotel police!

At some point, probably fairly early in February, after most of our full weekend guests have made their reservations, the two night minimum restriction will be lifted and the rest of the rooms available for Saturday may be reserved as single night bookings. We believe we will be able to accommodate most everyone wishing for a Saturday night only. Please do not hold rooms that you may not use. Other attendees need these rooms, and the SCMA may be financially penalized for last-minute room cancellations or unused rooms.

Dogs at Hotel - Please Take Note!!!!

Please note that small dogs are welcome at the Doubletree Hotel the festival weekend. However, there are some rules. You MUST let the hotel know ahead of time that you will be bringing a dog; you must complete a liability form that they will provide and you must pay a small pet deposit. The critical thing is letting them know ahead of time. If you just show up with your furry friend, he or she will be asked to leave! Only one pet owner has so far registered, and we are pretty sure there are more of you out there. So, don't wait, call the hotel NOW and let them know.

Doubletree Hotel
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