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2018 Activities

There is so much going on at NTIF that we have had to create a new section of pages to include everything else. From Scottish Clans to culinary demonstrations, DeLorean s to chalk artists. There is never a dull moment at NTIF. So, while you are walking between stages or relaxing after a lunch of Irish Stew and Guinness, stop by and visit one of the many attractions at NTIF.

Here is a brief summary of the activities to be found around the festival. Specific locations are shown on the festival map.

Women's Museum

  • Tom Thumb Culinary stage
  • Culinary sampling vendors
  • Durty Nelly's Bar
  • In the Tradition music stage

Marine Square

  • Horse Demonstrations

Foutain Field

  • Sheep Herding

Centennial Building

  • Shamrock music stage
  • Trinity music stage
  • Quiet Man Pub
  • O'Flarhety's Retreat sessions

Automobile Building

  • Urchin Street and the Harkness music stage
  • The Star & Harp Pub music stage
  • Cashel music stage
  • Callahan's Irish Bar
  • Irish Whiskey tasting
  • Scottish Village

Tower Building

  • Emerald dance stage
  • SCMA Cultural history exhibit

Grand Building

  • Animal rescue

Shannon Tent

  • Shannon music stage
  • DeLorean s
  • Kids rides
Two festival goers
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