DancersPhotograph by Priscilla Killion

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Southwest Celtic Music Association

2014 Dates & Times

Friday, February 28th

Saturday, March 1st

Sunday, March 2nd


Fair Park, Dallas, TX


Map of Fair Park now available online.



The North Texas Irish Festival
is sponsored in part
by a grant from the
Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs




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It's A Wrap!

That's all folks! NTIF is back in it's box, actually technically two boxes this year. We'll be out there in 11 months and 3 weeks so stick around.

Sorry about the weather. Friday and Saturday were fantastic and stretched us to the limit handling the large crowds. Sunday, however, challenged us in many other ways. We are sorry if you didn't get to hear Town Pants, Celtic etc on the Shannon stage but we determined that it was just not fair to our musicians, sound people and volunteers to ask them to stand out there in sub zero temps for half a day. Plus all those delicate and very expensive instruments and sound equipment just do not like the low temperatures and high humidity.

That leads to a very important shout out to all our volunteers who dedicated their time to us over the weekend. You all did a fantastic job. Don't know if many people realize this, but every one of those 500 people who sold admission tickets, programs & coupons, poured beer (at least at four booths) managed all our stages, transported musicians around, fed the volunteers all weekend, kept credit card machines working, counted the money and paid the bills - they are all volunteers. Especially the 30 or so people who came out on Monday morning to pack things up in 20ish degree weather - there is very little glory in teardown, that is just grunt work and they are compensated with a fried chicken lunch and tickets to Scarborough Faire (thanks guys). NTIF could not exist without volunteers and the Board of the SCMA thanks every one of you.

Remember, we have no paid staff whatsoever. We have a number of incredible contractors who work for less than minimum wage to provide services that volunteers cannot, but NTIF just flat would not exist without everyone pulling together. This weekend especially showed what a truly dedicated crew can do under exceptional conditions.

Credit Card Processing Error

It appears that our merchant banking company made a mistake when programming our rented credit card machines. They inadvertently credited the account of Susan G. Komen, Maryland instead of that of the NTIF. The following explanation has been received from our credit card processing company.

"Due to an Equipment Programming Error, certain consumers' purchases were erroneously charged by Susan G Komen Foundation rather than the North Texas Irish Festival. These charges have been credited back to the consumer's account by SBK and re-billed by NTIF. We apologize for the inconvenience this mix up may have caused.

Please direct any inquiries or requests to or to:

Sarah I. Skaggs
DAS Merchant Services
Director of Operations and Support
800-555-6441 X 182

The NTIF and the Southwest Celtic Music Association apologizes for the error caused entirely by DAS Merchant Services. We do not have access to any of your credit card information, and the entire reversal process is being handled by DAS.

You do not have to do anything at this time. There were no fraudulent charges and your credit card information is safe.

Volunteer Picnic

April 13th, 11:00 am at Winfrey Point as usual. Meat and drinks provided by the Board of Directors of the SCMA, please help by bringing a vegetable dish, chips, dips or desert. All volunteers welcome.

Best entrance is is on Emerald Isle off of Garland Road next to Barbec's just north of the Dallas Arboretum.