FlashpointSession in the Park. Photograph by Art Nardiello

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Southwest Celtic Music Association

2018 Dates & Times

Friday, March 2nd

Saturday, March 3rd

Sunday, March 4th


Fair Park, Dallas, TX

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Regional Performer Applications Now Closed

September 15th was the cutoff date for applications for all regional performers. We now have our candidate list for 2018 and between now and the end of November we will be making our very difficult selections. As usual the list is long and impressive and we thank each of you for taking the time to submit your applications. We will let you know our final selections in early December.

NTIF 2018 Web Site Coming Soon

Our webmaster is working day and night to complete the new 2018 web site. In preparation for the switchover the navigation from this page to other pages has been removed.

Also, in preparation for the new look, please ensure that your IE, Firefox, Chrome and other browsers are updated to the latest revision. Some of the new features will not work correctly on browsers older than about 2006.

Planning for NTIF 2018

Yes, we're already planning for NTIF 2018 and inviting all local musicians, dancers and storytellers to submit their applications as soon as possible. Cuttoff date is September 15th 2017, and we will accept anything handed in, emailed or postmarked on or before that date.

Slight change for 2018. All musicians and storytellers, including the Urchin Street Harkness stage and Story Glen must submit their applications to performer@ntif.org. We are making this change to better serve the many performers who wish to perform on both the Urchin Street area and the other stages. We hope to streamline the process and make it easier when it is time to schedule all stages.

International and headline performers should still contact ed@ntif.org.