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2018 Horse Demonstrations

Irish Rebel

Maggies Irish Rebel
Crowndale Farm, Sealy, TX

The Celtic Horse

Long before the cowboy rode the wild west, horses were used all over Europe for transportation, working the land and in warfare.

In Gallo-Roman religion, Epona was a protector of horses, donkeys, and mules. She was particularly a goddess of fertility, as shown by her attributes of a patera, cornucopia, ears of grain and the presence of foals in some sculptures suggested that the goddess and her horses were leaders of the soul in the after-life ride.

Étaín is a figure of Irish mythology, best known as the heroine of Tochmarc Étaíne, one of the oldest and richest stories of the Mythological Cycle. She is sometimes known by the epithet Echraide, ("horse rider"), suggesting links with horse deities and figures such as Rhiannon the horse goddess of Welsh mythology.

White horses (which are rarer than other colors of horse) have a special significance in the mythologies of cultures around the world. They are often associated with the sun chariot, with warrior-heroes, with fertility, or with an end-of-time saviour, but other interpretations exist as well. Both truly white horses and the more common grey horses, with completely white hair coats, were identified as "white" by various religious and cultural traditions. White horses are the most common type of hill figure in England. Though many are modern, the Uffington White Horse at least dates back to the Bronze Age.

The White Horse is the sign of the House of Hanover, adopted by many Eighteenth-Century inns to demonstrate loyalty to the new Royal dynasty. A white horse is also the emblem of the County of Kent. The name can also refer to the chalk horses carved into hillsides.

In Scottish folklore, the Kelpie or Each Uisge, a deadly supernatural water demon in the shape of a horse, is sometimes described as white, though other stories say it is black.

Celtic Horses

The Irish Sport Horse, also known as the Irish Hunter, is mainly the result of a cross between the Irish Draught and the Thoroughbred and has been given recognition as a separate breed. It is commonly bred from parents who are also Irish Sport Horses, in addition to being bred from the definitive parent breeds. It is traditionally used for all purposes, from transportation, to riding, and working the land. However, it is becoming increasingly popular as a competition riding horse. Its natural athletic ability and fantastic jumping talents means that it excels in the show jumping arena, as well as competing at the highest levels of eventing.

Draft Horses may have originated with primitive ancestors such as the Forest Horse or wild subspecies that may have descendants as diverse as the large Shire horse and the small but sturdy Shetland pony. These wild prototypes were adapted by natural selection to the cold, damp climates of northern Europe. Humans domesticated these horses and needed them to perform a variety of duties. One type of horse-powered work was the hauling of heavy loads, plowing fields, and other tasks that required pulling ability. A heavy, calm, patient, well-muscled animal was desired for this work.

The Clydesdale is a breed of draft horse derived from the farm horses of Clydesdale, Scotland, and named after that region. Thought to be over 300 years old, the breed was extensively used for pulling heavy loads in rural, industrial and urban settings, their common use extending into the 1960s when they were still a familiar sight pulling the carts of milk and vegetable vendors. The Budweiser Clydesdales are a famous example of this breed of horse.

The Irish Cob is one of the oldest recognized breeds in Ireland, along with the Connemara Pony and Irish Draught horse. It was established over many generations in Ireland by the Travellers (gypsies), and world wide has been called by many names like the Gypsy Cob, or Gypsy Vanner, although this is not what the Gypsies called their horses. Travellers in Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland, who bred their horses very selectively for a hundred years or more, did not keep written records, but have passed lineages on to proceeding generations verbally.

NTIF 2018 Celtic Horse Groups

Minis and Friends


Minis and Friends is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We are a group of caring people and horse lovers dedicated to sharing the love and spirit of miniature horses to those who need special, tender care. Our organization was specially created by a group of friends who want to share this exciting equine experience with you.

Our unique programs tailor activities for children with disabilities, at-risk youth, individuals in transition, and elder adults to improve their motor skills, ability to connect, tactile response, use of senses and spirits through interaction with miniature horses

Minis and Friends is dedicated to bringing our mobile herd of trained miniature horses to visit and interact with people of all ages who may be suffering mentally, physically or emotionally on weekends and some holidays.

Hunt County Sheriffs Posse

Hunt County Sheriff's Posse

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Posse was established by Hunt County Sheriff Don Anderson and acknowledged by the Hunt County Commissioner’s Court by resolution on September 28, 1994.

The Hunt County Sheriff’s Posse is an all volunteer unit. Each member is personally responsible to provide and pay for their own uniforms, tack, horse, horse expenses and transportation to and from events or assignments. Members are required to attend monthly meetings and training days to prepare themselves and their horse for events.

The Sheriff’s Posse members are representatives of the Sheriffs Department which is located in the geographical region of Hunt County, Texas.

The Primary mission of the Hunt County Sheriff’s Posse is to provide support to the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Posse rides in numerous parades and ceremonies. The Posse members fly the flag of our country and our state to symbolize the pride we all have in our western heritage. In emergency situations the Posse may be utilized for response to natural disasters, weather emergencies, some major traffic accidents, and the rounding up of loose livestock.

Also, the Sheriff’s Posse may be used as an efficient tool for search and rescue in rural settings, for crowd control in case of insurrection, general assistance in extended field operations, and parking lot surveillance during community activities.

The Celtic Horse Experience

Celtic Horse Experience

The Celtic Horse Experience brings their lifetime of dedicated equine research and instruction about the philosophy and method of training to all animal enthusiasts. By explaining behavior responses and results in these amazing demonstrations you'll observe first hand why horses still have gifts to offer in the form of riding, inspiring, and healing for people around the world.

Relaxed atmosphere, educational, informative, fun, and entertaining for families, visitors, and anyone who enjoys a great show.  The Celtic Horse Experience invites interaction and questions during and after each performance.

Double M War Horse Ranch

War Horse

Breeding your Horse should not be a roll of the dice, your decision should be based on proven facts not what's in the cards. It also should be based on genetics, performance, and years of experience on how you should increase your bottom line.

Double M WarHorse Ranch has put together a winning combination in their Stallions and Mares. Bringing you a future Herd Sire, Hitch Horse, or something that's a sure bet. We have something for everyone even if you are pro or just starting out. We only use certain bloodlines that have that all around combination of the best of both Worlds.

So give us your best shot we will have 3 outstanding Draft Studs standing Next year for 2014. We will present these big guys during the Winter Holidays so you can have something extra for your New Years Resolution.

Golden Curls Ranch

Golden Curls

Black Rock's Golden Firefly, fondly known as O'Sparky, is a seven year old, golden Bay, Curly Mustang, Stallion who was gathered from the Black Rock Hills of Winnemucca, NV with his small, herd of fourteen by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in 2009. O' Sparky and his herd has tested for high levels of Irish breeding and from an area known for mining.

The history of the area shows that Irish miners brought their Connemara's from Ireland to use as "pit ponies" in bringing up the silver, gems and other minerals from the mines. The wonderful Curly coat is a gene that only a few horses have and it is still a mystery where their originated.

We do know that all the Curly Horses in the United States go back to Curly Mustangs who were gathered and trained for the rugged ranch work. The thick curly coats were assets to these ranchers during the icy weather when other horse breeds were unable to survive the climate and continue ranch work. For more information about Curly horses and Curly Mustangs visit us at

Fitz's Golden Dexters


Fitz's Golden Dexters are thrilled to share our Legacy registered Irish Dexter Cattle whose bloodlines go back to Ireland before the 1800's.

At our small ranch, 30 miles outside of Dallas, TX, we are committed to preserving the small, friendly cattle. Irish Dexter cattle are triple-purpose bred and are known for their quality milk, beef and oxen. Irish Dexter cattle are traditionally horned and excellent mothers; even nursing other calves at the same time as their own. Their milk quality is equivalent to the that of the Jersey cow and their beef is becoming more popular with nice marbling and graded US Choice.

Given their size they are prefect additions to Homesteaders and others who are interested in producing their own food. Our Irish ancestors saw the value of these wonderful little cows.

We, at Fitz's Golden Dexters will continue to preserve them for future generations. 

Highland Horses School of Riding

Highland Horses School of Riding

Laurie Casillas was raised on a breeding, training and showing horse farm and brings over 40 years of experience to the program. The school is a small, but highly energized program of “Horse” instruction. Clients can choose from either Western or English disciplines, but are encouraged to explore both with the mindset that they would then be able to ride competently anywhere in the world.

Students are taught all basics of horsemanship, care and riding, but also are given valuable insight into the mentality of the horse which in turns helps the rider become safer and stronger.

The Highland Horses prides itself on turning out not only excellent riders, but insightful horsepersons. Riding lessons can begin with riders as young as 3 years of age. Our lesson horses are extremely well-trained show horses while our facility is enclosed, lighted and practically all-weather.

Come for the thrill of interacting with the fantastic horse, experience the relaxation that no other sport can offer, and, most importantly, come for the fun!!

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