NTIF 2013 Centennial Hall vendors
Photograph by Bud Mallar

NTIF 2015 Vendors

We are now accepting applications from merchandise vendors and food vendors for the 2015 festival. If you wish to apply for any kind of booth space, please read the selection criteria carefully, then download one of the applications forms and submit it to the NTIF Vendor Manager as soon as possible. Deadline for all applications is Wednesday, December 31st, 2014.

Note to vendors. As of January 1st, 2015 the City of Dallas has imposed a 5 cent environmental fee on all plastic bags used in most stores. NTIF is not aware of any exemption for festivals, so we advise all vendors to not provide plastic bags for merchandise sold. There is a substantial fine for each bag should the inspector come visiting. This is a vendor responsibility and NTIF will not be held liable for any fine.

In addition, we also offer all vendors a special advertising rate in the event program. If you are interested in purchasing advertising space, please review the rate chart and contact our Vendor Manager for more details.

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